We often recommend urea-based creams for dry, calloused, and cracked skin. But which ones is right for you and what is the difference between them all?

Firstly, let us discuss the active ingredient β€˜urea’. Urea increases skin moisture by removing dead skin cells and improving the ability of the skin to hold water. It is the perfect treatment for dry skin because it has anti-itch and anti-microbial properties. Urea is also used for, eczema, psoriasis, corns, callus, and some nail problems. It is also keratolytic, meaning it breaks down the connections between dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating our skin, smoothing the surface. These factors make this cream highly moisturising.

What is the difference between the creams we offer?

Walkers Urea 15 cream is best used as an everyday moisturiser for dry skin. This type of urea cream can be used all over the body for dehydrated and flaky skin. It contains very minimal fragrance.
It is recommended to use urea 15 daily for the best results.

Walkers Urea 25 is best used for extra dry skin and cracked heels. Urea 25 can also be used on dry elbows or other extremely dry patches of skin. It contains minimal fragrance.
Urea 25 is best used a few times per week for extra dry areas, although it can be applied daily for individuals suffering from extra thick calloused areas.

Walkers Pedicreme in an effective daily emollient for dry skin, helping to maintain healthy moisture levels in the skin. It contains 5% Urea and is used to prevent dry and cracked skin daily. It has a slight floral fragrance.

Walkers Pedicreme Plus includes the benefits of Walkers Urea 15 with the addition of peppermint and menthol giving it a minty fragrance and cooling effect.

Luxe 30 is a natural, non-greasy foot moisturiser containing 30% Urea to prevent cracked heels and dry skin. It is used for extremely dry skin and cracked heels. It has a beautiful coconut scent.

How to Apply Creams?
If you do have dry skin, it is best to apply the cream daily. The best time to apply moisturising cream is after a shower when the skin is warm and therefore more likely to absorb the moisturiser.
Wearing socks after application (if tolerable) can also help with cream absorption and to make it comfortable to walk around after application.