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Iconic Aussie Footwear

It’s no secret that thongs are the unofficial uniform for Australians. But, let’s face it – the iconic footwear is not designed for comfortable long-wear. Not only does their lack of arch support cause general foot pain, but it can actually lead to an increased risk of developing several orthotic issues. Paired with blister-causing hard plastic straps and plugs that constantly break, the thongs we’ve grown to love are far from perfect.

Archie’s Arch Support Thongs Meticulously designed by a Melbourne-based physiotherapist, our beloved footwear has been re-imagined to solve the issues of practicality and comfort that we all know too well.

Revolutionary Arch Support

Designed with unique and supportive memory foam material, these thongs are the answer to casual footwear that also provides orthotic support. Although they may look like ‘normal thongs’, these shoes optimise foot posture through up to 2.2cm of arch support. And don’t be fooled, Archies may be highly supportive – but they are light as a feather, and are perfect to slip on and go!

One-Piece Design

What’s more, Archies feature a revolutionary one-piece design that eliminates the infamous plug-blowout that we so often experience with regular thongs. These thongs are virtually indestructible!

This revolutionary design also means that the foot straps are tightly fitted to prevent toe-clawing, and ultimately reduce strain on the vital structures of your feet.

A Color for Everyone

Archies don’t sacrifice fun for functionality. You can find these thongs in almost every colour, to elevate your look!

Take it from those who have purchased Archies, once you start wearing these thongs, you can never go back

Our Testimonials

Real Arch Support

Up to 2.2cm of orthotic support encourages optimal foot posture
aiding whole body alignment.


Our specialised closed cell foam material is formulated to mould to
your foot.


Our ultra-strong one-piece design makes Archies Thongs extremely durable and less likely to blowout!


Your toes don't have to grip to keep your thongs on. Walk all day without overusing muscles and tendons in your feet.


Archies Thongs are so light you'll barely know you've got them on!

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