Caress Cuticle Oil enriched with Undecylenic Acid and Natural Oils(15mL)

Caress Cuticle Oil enriched with Undecylenic Acid and Natural Oils(15mL)

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Formulated with a trio of nourishing natural oils for supreme conditioning, NEW CARESS Cuticle Oil intensely hydrates skin and nails and revives dry, cracked cuticles on contact. Fast-absorbing with a
non-greasy-feel, the luxe yet-lightweight oil delivers deep conditioning around cuticles and the nail bed.

With an organic blend of comforting Lavender Oil, antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Oil, Algae Extract and purifying Tea Tree Oil, CARESS Cuticle Oil is perfect for problem cuticles and dry skin or simply keeping cuticles and nails in their best condition.

 NEW Dr.’s REMEDY CARESS Cuticle Oil also contains Undecylenic Acid (or Undecenoic Acid in Australia) a powerful fatty acid used in many products to effectively control topical skin fungal infection* and relieve itching and irritation.
*Undecylenic Acid is not effective on or approved for fungal nail infections

CARESS Cuticle Oil has been a big hit in the USA since it’s debut in Oct 2018!

A four month consumer trial in early 2019 found an extremely high satisfaction rate (87%+) in overall health and appearance of cuticles and nails. There were also significant decreases in splitting and peeling of cuticles, breakage due to brittle dry nails and a 100% improvement in appearance of discoloured nails.
Advise your patients to apply twice a day for similar results.

NEW Dr.’s REMEDY CARESS Cuticle Oil is supplied in a box with product descriptions and information plus directions for use. It will look great on display in your retail area.

CARESS Cuticle Oil is packaged in the same 15ml bottle as the Remedy Nail Colours and is brushed onto cuticles so it is very simple to use making it easy to sell to your patients.

Great to use in conjunction with Dr.’s REMEDY Hydration Moisture Treatment as a 2 pronged attack on dry, brittle cuticles and nails.